Emergence of North Bangalore: A Hub of Urban Advancements

Situated at the forefront of unparalleled expansion, Bangalore stands as a testament to unprecedented growth, surpassing its own envisioned boundaries. The city, blessed with delightful climatic conditions, has become a magnet for global migration, fueled significantly by the thriving IT industry. This influx of diverse talent has propelled Bangalore into a hub of innovation and economic prosperity, creating a dynamic landscape that continues to captivate and redefine urban development.

North Bangalore has witnessed remarkable growth since the establishment of Kempegowda International Airport, ranking as the third busiest in India. This pivotal development has catalyzed a surge in real estate activities, amplified by the presence of leading IT Parks. Nestled along a bustling 6-lane highway, North Bangalore emerges as the current epicenter of dynamism, seamlessly integrating connectivity and prosperity in its burgeoning landscape.

Emergence of North Bangalore - A Hub of Urban Advancements

Located in the thriving northern suburb, Devanahalli stands out as a burgeoning investment destination, boasting lucrative opportunities through diverse investment channels. The area’s economic prosperity is complemented by a plethora of projects in the hospitality and entertainment sectors, positioning it as a vibrant hub for a socially enriched lifestyle. With prime investments already in place, Devanahalli is not only an economic powerhouse but also a dynamic community, making it an optimal choice for astute investors seeking growth and a vibrant social environment.

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Latest Advancements:

Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

The aerospace industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, and Karnataka stands out as the sole state with a dedicated Aerospace policy, underscoring its commitment to this thriving sector. Positioned in Devanahalli, an expansive 3000-acre tract is designated for the Aerospace Special Economic Zone (SEZ), with 900 acres already allocated to accommodate 48 prominent companies. This strategic initiative not only fosters industry consolidation but also reflects Karnataka’s forward-thinking approach to propel its aerospace ecosystem to new heights, setting a benchmark for regional development in the sector.

ITIR: Transformative Power of Information Technology and Biotechnology Services

In Devanahalli taluk, the State Government has earmarked a sprawling 10,000-acre expanse for the establishment of an Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR). Representing a pinnacle in the state’s infrastructure initiatives, this visionary project is anticipated to be a robust generator of economic opportunities, catering to the primary employment needs of 1.2 million individuals and fostering secondary employment for an additional 2.8 million. It stands poised as a transformative force, promising sustained growth and prosperity in the region.

Devanahalli Business Park

Positioned in the thriving landscape of North Bangalore, just next to the International Airport, emerges a stellar development—the park sprawls majestically over 413.65 acres, under the ownership of KSIIDC, strategically located along the prominent National Highway-7 (NH-7). This expansive project promises a perfect blend of modernity and convenience, poised to redefine the real estate paradigm in the region.

Aerospace Park

In the expansive 1000-acre Aerospace hub, a dedicated 250-acre space is designated as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), strategically positioned to facilitate interaction between US companies, industry experts, and government officials. This initiative aims to foster collaborative learning, enabling American businesses to gain profound insights into the myriad opportunities presented by diverse aerospace programs. The SEZ serves as a pivotal gateway for forging valuable connections and maximizing the potential for mutually beneficial engagements.


Embarking on a groundbreaking venture, our latest project unfolds as an innovative airport township, envisaging a seamless fusion of aviation, residential living, recreational amenities, and commerce. This visionary development aspires to epitomize contemporary urbanization, ushering in a self-sustaining microcosm that not only houses a cutting-edge airport but also features a harmonious blend of residential complexes, golf courses, upscale hotels, towering high-rises, and vibrant shopping malls. In addition to shaping a modern civilization, this ambitious endeavor is poised to generate a substantial employment surge, creating between 6,000 to 8,000 job opportunities, thereby contributing significantly to local economic growth and prosperity.

Global Financial District

To elevate the investment hub to an international scale, the state government is actively engaging in discussions with major banking institutions to create a cutting-edge Global Financial District adjacent to Devanahalli. Spanning over 150 acres, this visionary development will not only house state-of-the-art facilities for banks but also incorporate a residential township. Tailored to meet the distinct needs of banking, insurance, stock exchanges, and other entities in the financial services sector, this initiative positions itself as a pivotal player in fostering global economic connectivity and growth.

Healthcare Destination: A Hub for Medical Tourism

The visionary initiative by the Karnataka government involves the establishment of a cutting-edge medical hub, spanning an expansive 300 acres. This avant-garde facility is set to encompass diverse departments, ranging from state-of-the-art private hospitals and advanced diagnostic centres to rejuvenating Ayurvedic resorts. Additionally, the hub will house centers dedicated to extending alternative systems of medicine, marking a significant leap towards comprehensive healthcare. This groundbreaking project is poised to redefine medical services, fostering a holistic approach to wellness and positioning Karnataka as a leader in healthcare innovation.

Bangalore Turf Club

In a strategic move, the state government has unveiled plans to relocate the Bangalore Turf Club (BTC) to Chikkajala in Devanahalli taluk, backed by a substantial investment of Rs. 350 crores. This visionary decision reflects a commitment to revitalizing the equine sporting landscape. The infusion of capital not only underscores the government’s dedication to fostering growth but also signals a promising future for the Chikkajala region, poised to become a hub for equestrian excellence and economic development.

Enhanced Connectivity in North Bangalore

North Bangalore boasts exceptional connectivity, thanks to the six-lane Bellary Road (NH7) seamlessly linking Devanahalli to key city hubs. This arterial route facilitates swift travel to pivotal areas like Yelahanka and Hebbal within a mere 20-minute drive, enhancing overall accessibility for commuters. With its strategic connectivity, North Bangalore emerges as a prime location for convenient and time-efficient travel within the city.

IVC Road, a key northern sector, is strategically earmarked for the establishment of an expressway facilitating seamless connectivity between Kempegowda International Airport and three pivotal highways converging in Bangalore. These highways include Bellary Road (leading to Hyderabad), NH 207 (connecting to Hoskote), and Tumkur Road (linking to Mumbai). The ambitious plan entails widening Bellary Road from its existing 6 lanes to a more expansive 8 lanes, a development poised to significantly augment overall connectivity in the region. This expansion initiative underscores a forward-looking approach, enhancing travel efficiency and fostering economic growth.

The seamless integration of the peripheral ring road and Satellite Town ring road establishes vital links between key arteries such as Bellary Road, Old Madras Road, Hosur Road, Mysore Road, and Tumkur Road, significantly enhancing overall connectivity. Additionally, the forthcoming phase 2 metro lane, spanning an impressive 72 km, is strategically planned to extend from the airport in the north to the NICE junction in the south. This ambitious project aims to optimize transportation, fostering efficient travel and economic growth across the region.

Social Infrastructure

Marking the inception of the International Airport, a transformative catalyst emerged, elevating the transportation landscape and fostering substantial growth in northern Bangalore. This pivotal development has significantly influenced the region’s social infrastructure, establishing a vibrant community living space. Nestled within proximity, a plethora of esteemed educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment hubs seamlessly weave into the fabric of this thriving locale. Notable among these are renowned establishments that contribute to the holistic development of the area, creating a nexus of progress and quality living.

Medical Facilities

Discover exceptional healthcare facilities in your vicinity, ensuring optimal wellness for you and your loved ones. Among the top-tier options are Akash Hospital, recognized for its cutting-edge medical expertise. Columbia Asia Hospital stands out for its world-class healthcare services, while Leena Multispecialty Hospital prioritizes comprehensive care. These esteemed health care units collectively contribute to a robust and diversified healthcare ecosystem. Whether you seek specialized treatments or general healthcare services, these institutions assure excellence, placing your health at the forefront. Embrace quality healthcare with these reputable establishments for a healthier, happier life.

Educational Centres

Explore an array of educational hubs that offer unparalleled learning experiences in diverse academic settings. From the prestigious CMR University and Delhi Public School to the innovative REVA University and dynamic Brindavan College, these institutions foster intellectual growth. The Canadian International School, Chrysalis High School, and National Public School provide a holistic approach to education, while VIBGYOR School, Presidency College, and Ryan International School standout for their commitment to excellence. Akash International School rounds off this impressive list, collectively shaping a bright future for students with their unwavering dedication to education.

Leisure Spaces

A vibrant array of recreational havens in the city, each offering a unique blend of entertainment and leisure. From the athletic haven at Decathlon (Anubhava) to the trendy ambiance of Big Brewsky, there’s something for everyone. Shopaholics will find joy at LULU Value Mart, World Market Mall, Galleria Mall (RMZ), Esteem Mall, and Elements Mall. Whether you’re seeking sports gear, a delightful brew, or a shopping spree, these destinations cater to your every whim. Embark on a journey through Bangalore’s diverse recreational zones for an unforgettable experience!

Unlocking Real Estate Opportunities

North Bangalore emerges as an unparalleled choice for enduring investments and upscale residential living. Boasting a steady surge in real estate values, the region’s allure is attributed to its strategic connectivity via the Outer Ring Road (ORR), its close proximity to the International Airport, and seamless links to various other pivotal city hubs. As the real estate landscape flourishes, investing in North Bangalore not only ensures promising returns but also offers a lifestyle enriched by swift access to key amenities and transport arteries, making it an optimal choice for savvy investors and discerning homeowners.

The neighbourhood stands as a hub for significant residential ventures crafted by esteemed city developers, presenting an array of upscale and budget-friendly housing categories. Prospective homebuyers are spoilt for choice with an assortment of residential options, including opulent villas, stylish town homes, duplex residences, and conventional apartments. This diverse selection ensures that individuals seeking a new home can find precisely what suits their preferences and requirements. The locality emerges as a vibrant community, catering to the varied tastes and needs of discerning home seekers.

Over the recent years, North Bangalore has witnessed consistent and robust price appreciation annually, encompassing both mid-segment and high-end housing categories. The strategic location, coupled with the existence of prominent business parks and ongoing infrastructure projects, positions the region as a lucrative investment destination. With ample available land for commercial and residential development and its close proximity to the airport, North Bangalore stands as a promising hub for real estate growth. Investors keen on long-term potential will find this area exceptionally appealing, given the conducive factors fostering both stability and profitability.